Money is the #1 reason couples get divorced. For the couples who stay together, money is the #1 reason they argue.

This conflict is NOT the fault of the relationship.

Even when not in a relationship, individuals say they find money frustrating, confusing, shameful, and anxiety-inducing. Individual opinions about money are often unspoken, yet they affect how we view our self-worth, our safety and security, and what we believe is possible.

No wonder this becomes such an emotionally charged topic!

This is NOT your fault, and it is NOT your partner’s fault.

Conflict about money exists at an individual level – our internal stories about money shape how we think and act every day. It is only AFTER we enter a relationship that these internal conflicts come out in the open, because your partner’s actions with money can activate subconscious beliefs about finances.

These core beliefs are called Money Stories.

In this mini-course, you will learn to bring your core Money Stories out in the open in a loving, judgement-free exercise. This will help you listen and learn about each other and identify different ways to talk about money to avoid activating strong emotions.

You will also learn 5 Conversation Touch Points to follow that reduce conflict in financial conversations.

Neither of you will feel “pushed too far” or uncomfortable as you’ll strengthen your overall communication skills so you can have serious discussions in a way that feels supportive to both people.

Finally, there’s NO EXPECTATION TO BE PERFECT! You will receive a series of exercises to calm your nervous system should conflict arise so you can release strong emotions safely, reset, and come together as team players once again.

With reduced conflict, your partner and you will stop avoiding “the talk” and stop avoiding your money.

Together, you will learn to write a shared Money Story – a better Money Story – a story in which money is your Teammate in building your family’s best future.